Thursday, October 21, 2010

M. Bellish'd

Scarlet Sahara Cuff w/ Santini Lime Watch
M.Bellish'd is a new interchangeable watch company that is making waves! These watches are interchangeable, so you can change the look of your watch for whatever you are wearing! They are also very affordable! Bundle them up & save even more! You may be feminine or edgy, vintage or modern.  Whatever you are you deserve to be M.Bellish'd!

Things that catch my eye quickly make me happy. The first look at M.Bellish'd watches and I was sold. Not only are these watches the coolest new thing on the block, they are extremely easy to change out. The watch face simply snaps off and can be snapped onto another M.Bellish'd Cuff.  I was so excited about the new trend that I had to get in on the business opportunity.  I am now an Authorized Respresentative, and am excited to get started with this fun new company.  

If you're interested in hosting an M.Bellish'd party, I will throw in some free product! Please contact Chantel for more information.